Sensei Institute of Technology is a leading TVET institution in Kenya that offers market-ready courses in various fields. The college is dedicated to offering technical, non-technical, and computing courses.

Looking forward to enrolling in a course at Sensei Institute? This article is for you. We will be looking at all of the available Sensei Institute courses and fees.

We obtained all courses and their associated fees from the institution. We will keep this article updated in case of any changes.

Technical Sensei Institute courses and Fees structure

The following is the fee structure for all technical courses offered at Sensei institute.

Technical CourseDurationFee
Plant operator Standard Course (3 machines)1 monthKsh 68,000
Plant operator Premium Course (6 machines)2 monthsKsh 104,000
Audio Video Repairs Technician2 monthsKsh 25, 000
CCTV installation only1 MonthKsh 25, 000
CCTV and Electrical/Alarm installation3 monthsKsh 20, 000 per month
Generator repair3 monthKsh 20, 000 per month
Home Appliances Technician1 month Ksh 25, 000
Refrigerator And Air Condition Technician2 monthsKsh 25, 000 per month
Solar Installation3 monthsKsh 60, 000
Vehicle Electronics Course4 monthKsh 17, 750 per month
Welding and Fabrication2 monthsKsh 50, 000
Farm Tools Repair Technician2 month Ksh 25, 000 per month
Farm tractor mechanics4 monthsKsh 25, 000 per month
Hydroponics Technician2 weeksKsh 25, 000
Irrigation Installation & Repair Technician2 weeksKsh 20, 000
Motor Vehicle Mechanics4 months Ksh 25, 000 per month
Motorcycle Mechanics2 monthsKsh 25, 000 per month
Plant Mechanics6 monthsKsh 25, 000 per month
Spray Painting & Panel Beating2 monthsKsh 20, 000 per month
Tuk Tuk Mechanics3 monthsKsh 25, 000 per month
Electrical Installation2 monthsKsh 50, 000
Electronics Technician Course3 monthsKsh 20, 000

Sensei institute non-technical courses and fees

The following is a table of all non-technical courses offered at Sensei institute and their fee structure.

Cake Decoration3 daysKsh 5, 000
Jam & Peanut Butter Production3 daysKsh 5, 000
Spices And Flour Blending3 daysKsh 5, 000
Tomato & Chili Sauce Production3 days Ksh 5, 000
Yogurt Production3 days Ksh 5, 000
Baking Level 1 (Cook Bread,
Cakes and scones)
1 monthKsh 18, 000
Baking Level 2 (Cakes, Scones, Queen cakes,
Doughnuts and many other products )
1 monthKsh 18, 000
Baking Level 3 ( Levels 1 & 2 plus Cake decoration & Baking),1 monthKsh 20, 000
Barbering1 monthKsh 10, 000
Braiding1 monthKsh 10, 000
Facial & Make Up1 month Ksh 10, 000
Hair coloring1 monthKsh 10, 000
Hairdressing & Beauty3 months Ksh 8, 000 per month
Manicure and pedicure1 monthKsh 10, 000
Massage1 monthKsh 10, 000
Nail Technology1 monthKsh 10, 000
Event Decoration1 monthKsh 15, 000
Tailoring & Dressmaking6 monthsKsh 8, 000 per month
Real estate standard3 monthsKsh 60, 000
Real estate executie3 daysKsh 15, 000 per day
Survey Assistant3 months Ksh 20, 000 per month
T-shirt Screen Printing5 daysKsh 15, 000
Motorcycle Riding Classes1 month Ksh 6, 000
Defensive Driving2 days Ksh 7, 000
Advanced defensive driving 5 days Ksh 10, 000
Driving Class A (Motor Cycle Riding)1 monthKsh 6, 000
Driving Class B1 – (Light saloon cars)1 monthKsh 19, 500
Driving Class C1 (Light Trucks)1 monthKsh 15 ,000
Driving Class CE – Articulated Truck/ trailer/-1 monthKsh 30, 000
Driving Class D – for Buses1 monthKsh 22, 500
Trailer Driving 1 month Ksh 30, 000
Refresher trailer driving 1 month Ksh 25, 000
Trailer driving part time1 month Ksh 40, 000
Deejaying (Sound Mixing) & Sound Systems Repair4 months Ksh 15, 000 per month
Deejaying (Sound Mixing) Level 1 & 22 monthsKsh 15, 000 per month
Graphic Design3 monthsKsh 15, 000 per month
Music Instruments1 month Ksh 7, 000
Music Production & Sound Management1 monthKsh 15, 000
Music Sound Systems Repairs Level 1 & 22 months Ksh 15, 000 per month
Photography1 month Ksh 15, 000
Video Production & Editing2 months Ksh 15, 000 per month

IT and computing courses

Sensei Institute also offers IT courses in Kenya. The following are all computing courses offered by the college.

Computer Technician3 months Ksh 20, 000 per month
Archicard1 month Ksh 15, 000
Internet and digital training 2 weeks Ksh 5, 000
Computer operations 1 month Ksh 10, 000

Sensei Institute driving fees structure

Sensei institute driving fees structure
Sensei institute driving fees structure

The following is a list of driving fees at Sensei Institute. Note that Driving school fees in Kenya vary depending on the school and the type of car that one is learning how to drive.

The duration for a driving course at Sensei is one month. Defensive driving and advanced defensive training take 2 and 5 days respectively.

  • Driving Class A (Motor Cycle Riding) – ksh 6, 000.
  • Driving Class B1 (Light saloon cars) – Ksh 19, 500.
  • Driving Class C1 (Light Trucks) – Ksh 15, 000.
  • Driving Class CE (Articulated Truck/ trailer) – Ksh 30, 000.
  • Driving Class D for Buses – Ksh 22, 500.
  • Trailer Driving – Ksh 30, 000.
  • Refresher trailer driving – Ksh 25, 000.
  • Trailer driving – Ksh 40, 000.
  • Defensive driving – Ksh 7, 000.
  • Advanced defensive driving – Ksh 10, 000.

Sensei Institute plant operator fee structure

Sensei Institute plant operator fee structure
Sensei Institute plant operator fee structure

Sensei Institute is reputable for training highly skilled plant operators. The following is the fee structure for plant operation courses at the Institute.

  1. Plant operator Standard Course (3 machines) 1 month – Ksh 68,000
  2. Plant operator Premium Course (6 machines) 2 months – Ksh 104,00

Other fees

If you plan to board at the school, you will be required to pay boarding fees of Ksh 7, 000 per month. However, courses that take a few days to complete have a lower boarding fee.

Courses requirements

The following are the requirements for courses at Sensei Institute.

  1. Majority of courses require only a national ID
  2. computer technician requires a certificate/diploma in IT.
  3. Some courses require a KCSE certificate but the grade doesn’t matter.

Would you like to know the requirements for a specific course? Kindly ask in the comments section below.


Applications are done online or you can visit the institution if you live nearby. You can submit your application by filling out the Sensei online application form. Note that applications ma take up to seven days to be processed.

We have covered Sensei Institute courses and fees structure. If you have any questions, please ask in the comments section below. We will be happy to answer.

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