Jkuat tvet courses are offered at the JKUAT TVET institute, Karen campus. So far, the campus has 16 diploma and certificate programs which have been approved by TVETA.

In this article, we will look at certificate and diploma courses at JKUAT tvet institute and their requirements. Sounds good? Let’s get to it.

JKUAT diploma courses and their requirements

The following is a table of all diploma courses offered at JKUAT and their entry requirements.

Course NameEntry Requirement
Diploma in Business ManagementC-minus
Diploma in Corporate GovernanceC-minus
Diploma in Human Resource ManagementC-minus
Diploma in ICT TechnicianC-minus
Diploma in Library and Information ScienceC-minus
Diploma in Office AdministrationC-minus
Diploma in Project ManagementC-minus
Diploma in Supply Chain ManagementC-minus
JKUAT diploma courses and their entry requirements

Note that the above are direct entry requirements. If you hold a certificate course in the same field or related, you are eligible to apply.

JKUAT certificate courses and requirements

The following is a table of all certificate courses offered at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology plus their direct admission requirements.

Certificate courseAdmission requirement
Certificate in Financial Sales ServicesD plain
Certificate in Corporate GovernanceD plain
Certificate in Human Resource ManagementD plain
Certificate in ICT Technology (CDACC)D plain
Certificate in Library and Information Science (CDACC)D plain
Certificate in Office AdministrationD plain
Certificate in Project ManagementD plain
Certificate in Supply Chain ManagementD plain
Certificate in Front Office OperationsD plain
JKUAT certificate courses and admission requirements

Full list of JKUAT tvet courses

  • Diploma in business management.
  • Diploma in corporate governance.
  • Diploma in human resource management.
  • Diploma in ICT technician.
  • Diploma in library and information science.
  • Diploma in office administration.
  • Diploma in project management.
  • Diploma in supply chain management.
  • Certificate in financial sales services.
  • Certificate in corporate governance.
  • Certificate in human resource management.
  • Certificate in ICT technology (CDACC).
  • Certificate in library and information science (CDACC)
  • Certificate in office administration.
  • Certificate in project management.
  • Certificate in supply chain management.
  • Certificate in front office operations.

Application and funding

Applications can be submitted online through the KUCCPS portal once the application window opens. Alternatively, you can apply directly through the school.

Successful applications submitted through the KUCCPS portal will be eligible for Higher Education funding (HEF).

Winding Up

We covered JKUAT diploma courses, certificate courses, and their entry requirements. These courses are offered at the JKUAT TVET Institute.

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  1. My name is Ronlad Ledama and I got a grade of D minus in my KCSE which business course Can i do at JKUAT

  2. Kindly can I get the program codes for certificate in ICT technology where by I can apply through kuccps portal…🙏

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