Did you know that the Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) offers 93 medical courses? These range from certificate courses to higher diplomas.

A common myth in Kenya is that you cannot enroll for a medical course with a mean grade of D plus.

The truth is, there are two D+ courses in KMTC that you can enroll in today. For this article, we will look at these two courses and their admission requirements.

List of D+ courses in KMTC

As mentioned earlier, there are two D+ courses offered at KMTC. After this list, we will look at the admission requirements for each course. Keep it here.

  1. Certificate in Nutrition and Dietetics.
  2. Certificate in health records and information technology (in service category).

Minimum subject requirements for certificate in Nutrition and Dietetics at KMTC

  1. D+ in English or Kiswahili.
  2. D plain in biology.
  3. D plain in chemistry.
  4. D in any one of the following: Home Science, Physics, Agriculture, Mathematics, General Science.

Subject requirements for certificate in health records and information technology (in service category)

  1.  D+ in English or Kiswahili.
  2. D- in Mathematics.

NOTE that this course targets those working in the records department but have no professional qualifications.

Winding Up

The above are the only D+ courses currently being offered at Kenya Medical Training College. If you have any questions regarding the above courses, kindly ask in the comments box below.

Dr John Mwangi is a lecture of medicine with over 15 years of teaching expirience in Kenya univesities and colleges.

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  1. Which course can I qualify to do when I have the following results,,
    Mathematics D-
    English D+
    Kiswahili C+
    Biology D
    Chemistry D+
    Business C-
    CRE C
    History C
    Minimum grade is D+

  2. I am not in service category but would like to pursue the health record and information technology certificate course ,am I qualified with a mean grade of D+ and D plain in sciences??

  3. I got a D+ and I want to take medical health.D plain in math physics and biology And D+in English.

  4. Which courses can I do when I have the following results

  5. can do certificate in health records and technology with min grade d+and d+ in English ,dplain in biology and chemistry and Ein mathematics

  6. I had e maths
    English d+
    Kiswahili c-
    History c
    Cre c
    Biology d
    Chem d
    Agriculture b
    Mean grade d+
    Can I qualify for any course

  7. My son has a mean grade of C+ but is unable to fit in any of the courses because he failed in maths, and Chemistry, he doesn’t have physics. Kindly help me know which course he can fit with these grades.
    Maths D-
    English B-
    Kiswahili B-
    Biology C-
    Chemistry D+
    Geography B-
    History B+
    French A

  8. i obtain amean grade of C minus and i score D in english and kiswahili ,and i wanted to take acourse in nutritionand dietary will i be able to do so

  9. Which kmtc course can I qualify with overall grade of D+
    Mathematics: E,
    English: D+
    Kiswahili: D
    Chemistry: D-
    Biology: D
    History: B-

  10. Can a student of the year 2000 qualify for the course in kmtc? And do you have part time classes?am Betty

  11. Which course can I qualify to do when I have the following results,,,,
    Mathematics D-
    English D
    Kiswahili D+
    Chemistry D
    Biology D

  12. Which course can I qualify to do when I have the following results,,,,
    Mathematics D-
    English D
    Kiswahili D+
    CRE C+
    History and government B+
    Businesses studies C-
    Chemistry D
    Biology D

  13. Can a student with mean grade c-,c- bio,c+ kis,D in math ,chem and c- in businesses studies qualify to pursue cert in community health nursing?

  14. Which medical course can I qualify to do with a mean of c_ and Eng c+, biology D, Business D, Kiswahili C+, chemistry D- and Mathematics E?

  15. I do not understand that how can I do certificate in health records with d plus but in service in kmtc

  16. I scored c plan I kcse but am interested in doing medical can I,my subject ranking ware as follow maths B,chem c phyc c- bio D+ Eng D+ kis D geo B agric C+

  17. I’m benard etyang I have daughter got D+ in 2022 kcse and she wants to take course in public health in department of records and information Technology please help me to gate the space thanks so much

  18. Which certificate course can one do with mean grade cminus with math D- biology D English C+kiswahili B-

  19. Can I do Nutrition and diabetics but I have a D- in chemistry,but all the other subjects I have meet your target

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