As a KMTC prospective student, continuing student, or parent with or looking forward to enrolling your child at KMTC, it’s important to know the expected fee structure to make appropriate financial preparations.

In this article, we will share the official KMTC fees structure for self-sponsored, government-sponsored sponsored, and international students across all courses as provided by KMTC.

Let’s get to it.

KMTC Fees structure for government-sponsored (regular) students

The following is the fee structure for all government-sponsored students across all courses.

  1. Year 1 – KES 80, 700.
  2. Year 2 – KES 78, 000.
  3. Year 3 – KES 78, 000
  4. Year 4 – KES 36, 000.

In-service fee structure (Regular)

In-service students are students who are learning while working.

If you would like to enroll in KMTC while still in your current job, you are expected to pay the following amount per semester irregardless of the course you will be taking.

  1. Year 1 – KES 80, 700.
  2. Year 2 – KES 78, 000.
  3. Year 3 (6 months) – KES 59, 000.

Important notes

Note that every year has two semesters. The fees is divided equally per semester. Example, for the second year, students are expected to pay KES 39, 000 each semester.

For courses which takes two years to complete, you will pay fees up to the second year when you are expected to compete your studies.

Year four only takes 6 months i.e. one semester.

KMTC Fees structure for private sponsored students.

  1. Year 1 – KES 120, 700.
  2. Year 2 – KES 118, 000.
  3. Year 3 – KES 118, 000.
  4. Year 4 –KES 59, 000.

Notes under government-sponsored students still apply to self-sponsored students.

Fees structure for foreign students.

  1. Year 1 – KES 250, 700.
  2. Year 2 – KES 248, 000.
  3. Year 3 – KES 248, 000.
  4. Year 4 – KES 124, 000.

KMTC fee structure for Nursing

Nursing is the most sought-after course in KMTC. The National Medical College offers both a certificate and diploma in Nursing.

The following is the fee structure for Nursing at Kenya Medical Training College. Note that the structure applies to both certificates and diplomas in nursing students.

Year of StudyFee structure (KSH)
180, 700
278, 000
378, 000
478, 000
Fee structure for nursing at KMTC.

The structure above is for regular students. Please refer to this article for privately sponsored and international student structures.

That’s all on KMTC fee structure. We will update this post in case of any changes. For reference, please see the official fee structure as released by the institution.

Do you have any questions regarding this topic, please ask in the comments section below. We will be happy to answer. Otherwise, see you on the next one.

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  1. Do KMTC fraternity accept in- service studies, where I can enrol a course, attend the classes and at the same time I continue with working.

  2. I would like to know the fees structure for higher diploma in pediatrics (foreign students)

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