Several medical courses with D+ in Kenya are offered by various medical training colleges.

Most of these are certificate courses, but Students can scale up the career ladder to a PhD.

In this article, we will look at D+ medical courses offered in Kenya, the institutions offering them, and the minimum subject requirements. Sounds good? Let’s get to it.

List of medical courses with D+ in Kenya

The following is a list of medical courses that you can pursue in Kenya with a KCSE mean grade of at least D plus.

  1. Certificate in health records and information technology.
  2. Certificate in perioperative theatre technology.
  3. Certificate in community health and development.
  4. Certificate in counseling psychology.
  5. Certificate in nutrition and dietetics.

The above courses have a minimum KCSE requirement of D+ and below. In most colleges, these courses don’t have minimum subject requirements.  

However, all D+ courses in KMTC require an applicant to meet the minimum subject requirements in English/Kiswahili, biology, chemistry, physics, or mathematics.

Colleges offering the courses

  1. Kenya Medical Training College.
  2. Nyahururu Medical Training College.
  3. Outspan Medical College.
  4. Sister Leonella Consolata Medical College.
  5. Thika School of medical and health sciences.

Do you have any questions regarding medical courses with D+ in Kenya? Kindly ask in the comments section below.

Dr John Mwangi is a lecture of medicine with over 15 years of teaching expirience in Kenya univesities and colleges.

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  1. I have a D+ as a mean grade and I would like to study Health records and information technology.,Recquirement (Kisw C-,Eng D+,math D),will I make

  2. Can I get an admission letter for certificate in perioperative theatre technology in nyahururu kmtc?

  3. Hi,am Jackson samperu I have meangrade of D+ I want to pursue certificate in health records and information technology,will I qualify?

    1. Hi Faith, you can enroll for craft/certificate in health records at sigalagala national polytechnic, ol’lessos technical training institute and north eastern national polytechnic.

  4. Can a student with certificate in community health nursing have a pathway to study diploma or degree in nursing? Thanks

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