Higher education courses in Kenya are offered at certificate, diploma, degree, and postgraduate levels in various universities, colleges, and vocational institutions.

The Ministry of Education in collaboration with institutions and the Commission for University Education has ensured that courses are available in almost all fields of study.

From engineering to medicine to law you name it. More so, there is a course for everybody irregardless of KCSE grade.

In this article, we will guide you on the career options available to you. let’s get to it.

Classification of courses in Kenya

In Kenya, courses are classified into various categories based on their level of study. Some courses are classified based on duration and field of specialization.

The following is the classification of courses offered in Kenyan universities and colleges. We shall later look into all courses available in each classification. Keep it here.

  1. Bachelor’s degree courses.
  2. Diploma courses.
  3. Certificate/craft courses.
  4. Artisan courses.

Entry requirements for courses

The following is a table summarizing the entry requirements for courses in Kenya

CourseEntry requirements
Degree coursesAt least C plus
Diploma coursesAt least C minus
Certificate coursesAt least D plain
Artisan coursesAt least E
entry requirements for courses in Kenya

Bachelors Degree courses

Bachelor’s degree courses are offered in public and private universities. Direct entry requirements for degree programs in Kenya is at least C plus in KCSE.

More so, every course has minimum subject requirements and cluster points to be met.

The following is a link to all bachelor’s degree courses offered in Kenyan universities.

We have put together all medical, engineering, science, education, law, and many more undergraduate courses offered in Kenya. Click the button below for easier accessibility.

Diploma Career Options in Kenya

Diploma courses are offered in colleges and tvet institutions. On average, the entry requirement for diploma courses is at least C plain in KCSE.

However, some courses require at least a C plain in KCSE.

Click the button below to access all courses offered at the diploma level in Kenya

Certificate courses offered in Kenya

The entry requirement is at least D plain in KCSE. However, some courses require a minimum KCSE grade of D plus and in some cases at least C minus.

The following are certificate/craft courses that you can pursue in Kenya colleges.

Business certificate courses

  1. Certificate in freight management
  2. Certificate in entrepreneurship
  3. Certificate in accountancy
  4. Certificate in banking
  5. Certificate in business management
  6. Certificate in clerical operations
  7. Craft in clerical operations
  8. Certificate in cooperative management
  9. Certificate in human resources management
  10. Certificate in marketing management
  11. Certificate in project management
  12. Certificate in purchasing and supply management
  13. Certificate in Secretarial Studies
  14. Certificate in supply chain management
  15. Certificate in road transport management
  16. Craft in transport management
  17. Certificate in front office operations
  18. Craft certificate in maritime transport logistics

Construction courses (D plain)

The following is a list of all construction courses that you can pursue in at certificate level.

  1. Certificate in building and construction technology
  2. Craft in building and civil engineering
  3. Craft in building construction
  4. Certificate in land survey
  5. Certificate in masonry
  6. Certificate in building technology
  7. Certificate in road construction

Certificate courses in Engineering

The entry requirement for engineering courses offered at the certificate level is a kcse mean grade for D plain.

You can pursue the following engineering courses.

  1. Certificate in agricultural engineering
  2. Certificate in automotive engineering
  3. Certificate in motor vehicle mechanics
  4. Certificate in civil engineering
  5. Certificate in electrical engineering
  6. Artisan in electrical wireman
  7. Certificate in electrical installation(tvet-cdacc)
  8. Certificate in electrical instrumentation and control
  9. Craft certificate in automotive engineering
  10. Certificate in marine engineering
  11. Certificate in mechanical engineering
  12. Certificate in telecommunication engineering
  13. Craft in telecommunication
  14. Certificate in vehicle engineering

Medical courses offered at the certificate level

Unlike other certificate courses that require at least a D plus to enroll, Medical certificate courses require either a C minus or D plus to enroll.

We have already covered in-depth all medical courses in Kenya that require D plus to enroll and all medical courses for grade C minus.

Heads Up

We are still working on this article to ensure that every course has been covered. We are yet to update all certificate courses and artisan courses. Please bear with us.

In case of any questions, please ask in the comments section below or send us an email.

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