A certificate in orthopaedic and trauma medicine in Kenya can be the beginning of an exciting career as an orthopedic and trauma specialist.

For this article, we will share with you the admission requirements for the course, and institutions you can enroll in.

But before we get into that, it’s important to know that the course deals with diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal system conditions, bones, and trauma injuries.

With that out of the way, let’s get to it.

Certificate in orthopaedic and trauma medicine KMTC requirements

Orthopedic and trauma medicine is one of the certificate courses offered at KMTC. The following are the requirements for the course at KMTC.

  1. KCSE mean grade of C minus.
  2. C minus in English or Kiswahili.
  3. C minus in biology or biological sciences.
  4. D plus in any one of the following subjects: Mathematics, Physics/Physical Science, Chemistry, Woodwork, Metalwork, Technical Drawing, Home, Science, Agriculture, Computer Studies.

Fees structure (Certificate and Diploma)

Fees structure (regular students)

  1. Year 1: KES 80, 700 (certificate and diploma)
  2. Year 2: KES 78, 000 (certificate and diploma)
  3. Year 3: KES 78, 000 (diploma)

Fees structure for self-sponsored students.

  1. Year 1: KES 120, 000 (certificate and diploma)
  2. Year 2: KES 118, 000 (certificate and diploma)
  3. Year 3: KES 118, 000 (diploma).

Note that fee is paid per semester. Each academic year has two semesters. For regular students, the fee per semester is KES 39, 000 apart from the first year, the first semester where students pay KES 41, 700.

for self-sponsored students, the fee structure per semester is KES 59, 000. However, students pay KES 61, 700 in their first year, first semester.

Kmtc campuses offering a certificate in orthopaedic and trauma medicine

You can enroll for the course on any of the following KMTC campuses.

  1. KMTC Machakos.
  2. KMTC makindu.
  3. KMTC chuka.
  4. KMTC sogowet.
  5. KMTC thika.

Other medical colleges offering the course

You can also pursue the course at North Coast Medical Training College. The fee for the course at this institution averages at Ksh 38, 400.

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  1. Am a form four graduate ,by the name Dennis ndolo ,in my kcse I attained a mean of c- ,chem D ,bio C ,eng C ,do I qualify to do certificate in orthopaedic and trauma?

  2. I’m Eunice mutua scored in ksce c, C in kiswahili,c , biology,c, agriculture can I do certificate in orthopedic trauma

  3. Humbly requesting,can I pursue orthopedic and trauma medicine with a mean grade of c plain.Maths c+,Eng c-,Kis c, Bio d+,Chem d,His c+,RE b-.

    1. Hi,, am Joan I attained a C plain mean grade,,D+in bio,,D+ in chem,C in phyc, B- in kisw,,C in eng,,,,can I qualify for certificate in orthopedic and trauma medicine?? Please

  4. Heloo.i am Dominic .mean grade C.plus,D.plus in eng,kisw.B.plain in physic. and C.plus in bio which course are eligible i apply in kmtc

  5. I got c plain mean grade but in biology I got D plus, am I qualified to apply for slcertificate in orthopaedic and trauma medicine?

  6. Am a form four graduate, i had mean grade of c plain, biology d plus and chemistry d plain, do I qualify for certificate in orthopaedic and trauma medicine?

  7. I had mean grade C+, English C kisw C-math D-chem D bio C Agri A history B+,CRE A can I qualify for certificate in orthopedic and trauma medicine please help am stranded

  8. Hae, am laban and I scored B minus mean grade but biology D plus and i want to do diploma in orthopedic and trauma medicine ,is it possible for me to do it?

  9. I am a concerned parent whose son is interested in September intake 2023. On trying to apply, the application can’t go through because only two short courses are listed there in but the young man is interested in Orthopaedic trouma medicine.What do I do to complete the application at my local cyber cafe? Please advice me appropriately.

    1. Hi Esther, the portal has not been open for September application. All options will be available once the portal opens in september

  10. Hello am George i managed a mean grade of C plain ; ENG C- , KISW C+ , MATH D , CHEM D+ , BIO C , HIST B- , CRE A , AGR C- . Can i persue certificate in orthopedic trauma and medicine

  11. Hello , am Roline I got C plain mean grade English C plus bio D plus and Agri B do I qualify for certificate in orthopedic and trauma in chuka kmtc …… Kindly waiting for reply

  12. I had c plain in my kcse I got c- in eng,c in kisw,c in bio, D in chem and math , B in agric do I qualify to do certificate in othopedics and trauma medicine

  13. I am aform four graduate by the name menty Awuor in my kcse i attained a grade of Cplain chem D kiswahili B+ maths D Agric B_ Biology C+Eng D do i qualify for orthopaedic and Trauma medicine in certificate

  14. Hello, i’m Alex kipleting, i manage a mean grade of C plain,Eng C, kisw B-, bio C-, chem D,mat D-, agri B and geo B. would i qualify for orthopedic technology

  15. hi admn am evans otieno can a graduate in certificate in orthopedic and trauma medicine persue medicine and surgery?

  16. Hello I had a C- in biology but I had the right mean grades for the other subjects in Diploma in nursing. Can I find a way to get help

  17. Hi I had a mean grade of C+ with a C- in biology and had the other qualifications for diploma in orthopedic and Trauma medicine, how would you advice I do because a certificate will really hurt to start from

  18. Am Brenda Kendi,l attained a c minus in form four,l have c+ in eng and kisw,D plain in bio,chem and maths,do l quality for orthopedic and trauma course

  19. Hi ,I am enquiring,how one can be able to apply an orthopedic and trauma course cz already I have been placed at another university the course I don’t want.i will appreciate to our reply.thanks

  20. i was wondering if the course can be done online for distance learners; diploma in orthopaedics and trauma medicine.

      1. Hello. I’m Maurine a form four graduate. I trained a mean grade of c plain in kcse,D-in mathematics,B-in English and c-in kiswahili. Am I qualified to persue a course in orthopedic and trouma be it certificate or diploma

  21. These is how my dota scored can she secure a place inn yua institution for Orthopedics course?
    Agg c-
    chemistry D
    Biology D
    but the rest she had above C

  22. hello, can I study orthopaedic trauma medicine without biology knowledge? I’m interested but I did not study biology in highschool and it seems it’s like a must have requirement

  23. Am peninah ,,I got mean grade of c plain ,,c-in biology and chemistry,D plain in mathematics and C plain English,,,and am interested in doing certificate in orthopedics and trauma medicine do I qualify doing the course

  24. IAM basilio kirimi a form four graduate class of 2013.
    I attained a c- minus in kcse with D plain in English,C in biology,B- in agriculture D plain in chemistry.
    Do I qualify for a certificate in orthopaedic and trauma course in kmtc?

  25. Hi can i qualify for a diploma in nursing with a mean grade of C plain,with C+ in biology C in kisw and D+ in chem

  26. Hi in my k.s.c.e i attained a B- as a mean grade a B in english and a C+ in bio but in maths and chem i got a D+ do i qualify for a diploma or a degree course in orthopedics and trauma or do i have to beggin with a certificate

  27. I am a kcse graduate and need to study for certificate in orthopaedic and trauma medicine can I apply and join March intake 2024

  28. I am emmanuel kipchirchir and need to study for orthopaedic and trauma medicine can I apply and join march intake

  29. Hello, i got a mean grade of C+. B- in Eng and kiswahili, B plain in Biology and a D plain in chemistry do I qualify for Diploma or cert.Im asking because my chemistry is not as per the requirements

  30. I scored D+ in kiswahili and D plain in English,so instead of doing certificate in orthopaedic trauma medicine, is it possible for me to do certificate in orthopaedic Technolog?

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