The Kenya medical training college has added mortuary science in its portfolio of medical courses. KMTC is the only institution offering the program in east and central Africa.

In this article, we will look at Diploma in mortuary science KMTC intake, requirements and study duration.

All details on Diploma in mortuary science kmtc

  • First intake – march 2023.
  • Requirements – C minus in KCSE or certificate in the same program.
  • Study Duration – 3 years.
  • There are no minimum subject requirements needed to enrol in this program.

Fee structure

The fees for this course will take the structure of other diploma courses offered in the institution.

Application deadline

Diploma in mortuary science application deadline will be on march 2023. After that, September 2023 intake application will begin.

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  1. Is it true that you cannot do a diploma in nursing if you have not reached the required grades per subject but you have attained the required overall grade????

  2. Can you still do a diploma in nursing if you have not attained the required grades fr specific subjects but Yu have attained the overall grade required??

    1. its not possible. those requirements have been put in place by the nursing council. You might get enrolled, studey and graduate but end up not being regsitered to practice. Kindly visit or call the medical college you would like to enroll in for further advice.

  3. I want to take a course in diploma in mortuary science which are the branches of kmtc offering the course and it’s fee structure

  4. Why is it that mortuary science is offered in kmtc Kisumu only…. kindly make is available to all kmtc

  5. Am edwin okoit but i score as follows maths D plain english c minus kiswahili B minus chemistry D minus biology C minus history B plus and agriculture B plain so can i qualify for certificate in medical laboratory??

  6. Why is diploma in morchuary science not among the listed courses in September intake ??

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